About us

Cartuja CEAR belongs to the Public Company for the Management of Tourism and Sports in Andalusia, attached to the Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration.

The concession of the celebration of Expo’92 allowed the redevelopment of the Island of La Cartuja with a clear idea: the Guadalquivir river should be a regatta field and the bridges should not have footings or pillars that would render it useless.

Working under this concept, in the summer of 1990 the first official competition of the La Cartuja Regatta Center and Course was established.

Development and growth

In 1994 the daily activity of the Center begins with the aim of becoming a national and international benchmark and the Higher Sports Council classifies it as a High Performance Center for Rowing and Canoeing.

In February 1995 the first International Regatta «FISA Team Cup and International Regatta of Andalusia» was held, in November the FISA Colloquium for Rowing Trainers was organized and in May 1996 the qualifying Canoeing Regatta for the Atlanta Olympic Games. These events represent the first coming-out of the Center and the Regatta Field and the demonstration of its desire to be part of the most important Regatta Centers and Fields in Europe.

Big events

· Annual frequency: FISA Team Cup and several National Championships.
· 1999: FISA Masters Regatta.
· 2001: Rowing and Canoeing World Cups.
· 2002: Rowing and Canoeing World Championships.
· 2008: Open Water Swimming World Championship.
· 2013: European Rowing Championship.

On February 28, 2000, the Sportsmen’s Residence was inaugurated, whose building would also house the Central Services of the Andalusian Center for Sports Medicine.

The consolidation stage

Starting in 2003, CEAR La Cartuja entered a stage of maturity and stability. Its activities are maintained both in local, regional, national and international events, such as team training and promotion campaigns: Nautical Baptism, Course, Flat Rate and the Summer Campuses are launched with great success in participation.

During these years and until today, the usual organization of local, regional, national and international rowing, canoeing and triathlon events is maintained.